Learning is a lifelong process

Individual coaching sessions

Individual coaching sessions starts with an orientation meeting of one hour, in which the following aspects are discussed:

  • discovering the background of the coachee
  • methodology of the coach (with or without the use of horses)
  • together, formulating a strategy for the coaching process
  • together, creating a goal for the coaching trajectory

Following this are at least three sessions; in the experience of Inside Outside Coaching a minimum of three follow-up sessions are necessary to ensure a lasting implementation of change.
These three sessions are for one hour and 15 minutes each, and include a 15 minute opening component and conclude with a 15 minute evaluation.
Based on the orientation meeting, Inside Outside Coaching will provide a trajectory plan for the minimum of three following sessions, with the option of including the use of horses as co-coach.

Separate sessions using horses are possible as part of an already agreed-upon coaching trajectory.

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