From control and security to empowerment and challenge

Who is Yvonne van den Goorbergh?

I was born in the province of Brabant in 1963 and have lived happily in Amsterdam since 1996.
After my higher education and study I started work in IT, where I held a variety of functions, that included large Financial Services organizations, both as an employee and as an independent contractor. The guidance and coaching of people here was always the most attractive and rewarding part of this work.
I took  goal-oriented steps towards my desire to becoming a coach by following the Coaching Basics at the European Institute and by joining the coaching network at ABN-AMRO my coaching career became a reality.
From early youth I already had a passion for horses, so the next logical step was to take the course in Training for Entrepreneurial Coaching with Horses from EOCP. With this I am combining my passions for  coaching and coaching with horses. It feels fantastic to see the pieces of the puzzle fall together in this way!

What can I offer my clients as a coach?

I provide clients with a safe environment where they can start to explore their personal questions. Working in a freeing nature setting and the coaching with horses immediately draws people out of their comfort zone. This allows the client to focus on their dilemmas  and issues. I support them in this by asking clear questions, in order to reach agreed-upon objectives. Compassion, openness and trust are the terms that characterize me as a coach.

Professionalism and quality are prime

In my profession it is essential to always remain open to learning and to be inspirationally motivated. For this I frequently participate in professional development and workshops. In addition I share experiences, knowledge, bottlenecks and issues with colleagues in inter-vision sessions. By assuming an open, alert and aware life style, and by regularly (and literally) going on a journey, I gain inspiration. These allow me to listen to and to look at my clients with eyes wide open. And it provides space and opportunity to start the journey of development with the client in a frank way.

I am a member of TopCoachNederland

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