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Anja, April 2017
"I have enjoyed Yvonne’s coaching sessions with horses. During the intake I indicated what subjects I wanted to work on. While doing exercises with the horses in three sessions, I was able to work on my learning objectives. Working with horses was very soothing. Being in an environment I’m not used to in everyday life, I noticed I could focus easier and could unleash my daily work completely. I think letting go of your daily work is essential to work on your learning objectives. Each session started by briefly discuss how it goes and was evaluated at the end. Therefore the sessions with the horses felt relaxed and really well for me. After attending the sessions, I have insight into myself and I know how I can move on independently. This has contributed a lot to my professionalism.”


Daniëlle, March 2017
"I've been offered individual coaching, because the group session was canceled. I did not know what I could expect from such a session, but I learned very much. Yvonne has a quiet approach, listening and continues to ask so I had to constantly think about myself in certain situations (how I feel and / or what it does to me). Also working with a horse was very surprising. The horse shows you very clear how you feel at that moment. Each tension and relaxation in your body is noted by the horse; it’s like a mirror held in front of you. For me it was a confrontational, but most educational experience.”


Conny, December 2016

"I have seen Yvonne at work and was duly impressed. She is an excellent coach, very calm and direct, with a lot of patience. She brought out the problem I was barely aware of myself. It became very clear working together with the horses. She does a great job and it is a pleasure to know her."

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